Developing Leaders for Global Impact

Globalization affects many aspects of modern life, but none more so than the business world. At Lehigh, it is our goal to prepare our students for careers that will span several decades in an increasingly international business environment.  We hope to provide our students with the technical aspects of doing business in other countries and be able to successfully work with different backgrounds.

The Lehigh MBA provides multiple opportunities for both part-time and full-time students to have international experience. Our students travel to the U.K., France, Canada, and China to study, meet and network with top business executives and learn from experts in the field.

International Experience as part of the curriculum: Lehigh University’s international experiences are a part of a three-credit course and include working in partnership with other students from the Lehigh MBA program to gain hands on experience in global business practices. Each trip has a specific focus (UK: Corporate Social Responsibility; China: Manufacturing and Logistics; Greece: European Economic Crisis; Chile/Argentina: Contrasting Developing Countries) comprised of business site visits with world renowned businesses and lectures, as well as the opportunity to experience and embrace a different culture. During pre- and post-course sessions and on an international trip students investigated and reported to the class on various aspects of the host country and host organizations.


For more information on each destination, please visit the Lehigh University International Field Experiences for Graduate Students.


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