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Lehigh MBA News

Jasmine Surti, Lehigh Alumna: It is impossible to ignore that global trends affect us in significant ways | October 2012

Lehigh University MBA graduate starts own clothing line | September 2012

Lehigh College of Business and Economics appoints its first association dean for global initiatives | September 2012

Lehigh MBA candidates study corporate social responsibility in England | March 2012

Angie Kropf, MBA Alumna, shares her experience at Stonehenge | August 2012

Rescuing the Penn State Brand by Jordan Reese, *MBA students collaborated on this essay: Heather Adams, Eric Cosnoski, Rikhi Kaushal, Thomas Mainzer and Grant Sheatsley. | November 2011

Part-time MBA program jumps 20 spots in ranking by Kathy Mattare | November 2011 [Businessweek coverage]

Lehigh University MBA Program Now Accepting New Version of GRE Scores | September 2011

Latest Reads

Why Women Make Better Managers Than Men | OnlineMBA

We Asked Female Part-Time MBA Alumni: Was it worth it? | GMAC

Why Women Can’t Have it All | Anne-Marie Slaughter (The Atlantic)

Where Are The Women At Work? Women, Leadership, and The Gap | Forbes

The Essential MBA Library | YoungUpstarts: Voice of a New Generation

Women’s Words vs The Message Their Voice Sends | Femmenomics

MBA Hiring Outlook Optimistic for 2012 by Alison Damast | BusinessWeek | December 2011

Closing the Gap by Barbara Beck | The Economist | November 2011

Women Matter” by McKinsey & Company in partnership with The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society | 2007

The ROI of an MBA” by Denise Deveau, Financial Post | November 2011

“Women must appreciate the value of an MBA” by Elissa Ellis Sangster on Financial Times | November 2011

“MBA Programs Find Their Niche” by Alison Damast, Bloomburg Businessweek | November 2011

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